Julia DiVerdi - TribalTique Belly Dance Company and The Cupcake Cabaret Burlesque Revue
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Julia DiVerdi - Cupcake Cabaret - Meet the Cupcakes!

Julia DiVerdi
Dancer, Striptuese

Julia DiVerdi was born into the carnival sideshow and gained great fame performing exotic belly dance with her identical twin sister until a ill fated attempt to incorporate venomous cobras into the show left Ms. DiVerdi as a solo act. Devestated, the twin ran away with the circus where she turned her skills to the air and wowed audiences of the big top. After tiring of the nomadic lifestyle of circus trade, Miss DiVerdi once again used her wiggling skills to tease and excite as a burlesque dancer, where at least her dressing room wasn't on wheels and elephant adjacent.
Jimmy "Fast-Fingers" Gibson
Master of Ceremonies

No one really knows where Jimmy Gibson was born... We do know that as a boy he traveled the South in a gypsy wagon until the day the wheels stuck in the mud of the Louisiana bayou and his momma decided to call it home. As Jimmy grew into a man, the silver-tongued charmer honed his skills as a grifter, selling phony insurance door-to-door and rigging local carnival games, thus earning himself both a living and the nickname "fast-fingers". The local ladies did not disagree! Finding himself stranded in Missouri while on the run from an aggravated insurance "client", Jimmy got word of the local burlesque joint (The Kitten Kubby) via a business card found while sorting through the contents of another man's billfold. Bent on seducing the beguiling dancer featured on the card, it was instead he who was seduced - by the bright lights of showbiz! In the end, Jimmy charmed his way not only into the dressing room, but onto the stage and into the, erm, "hearts" of audiences across the country.
Holly deLite

Holly deLite, our own southern belle, was born in Merkin County in Southern Mississippi where she competed locally in county fair pageants and earned the prestigious title of Miss SaltWater Taffy 1995. Shortly thereafter she was whisked away to Paris in the arms of a French lover where she studied song, dance, and music, specifically ballet and the mouth-harp. Miss deLite fast became the beloved star of Paris' own Maisson Derriere but longed again for the sweet smells of her southern homeland. Leaving Europe behind, Holly took her skills back to America to perform closer to home.
Scarlett Spanks
Dancer, High Pimpstress

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Dulce Divine
Dancer, Hot Tamale

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Just Peaches
Dancer, Enigmatic Beauty

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Luella Lovecraft
Dancer, Stripteuse

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Simon Spanks
Dancer, "Pound Cake"

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